Staki One Strip Smoked European Oak Engineered flooring has been smoked and finished with clear oil. LED is a new finishing process where the flooring is passed through a LED light to dry the oil faster.  As a result no additional coat of oil is now required directly after installation.  Available in Rustic or Select Grade.  Rustic AB, this means you will get knots which have been filled and sanded, the flooring has a natural colour variation.   Select Grade means these boards have been hand selected to ensure minimal defects so will look a lot cleaner.  Due to the flooring being smoked, you will get a greater colour variation between the boards. The width of the floor is 180mm which is ideal for large rooms. The engineered oak floor has bevels on the long sides only, and comes in fixed lengths which are an extra long 2400mm, each pack contains 6 full length boards or 5 full and 2 half lengths. Having a 4mm wear layer with an overall thickness of 15mm. The base layer is constructed of multi layer birch plywood adding to its quality.



Manufacturer – Staki
Species – European Oak 
Grade – Rustic A/B Or Select Grade
Colour – Medium Brown
Bevel – 2 Bevel
Finish – Hardwax Oiled
Pack Size – 2.59m2
Thickness – 15mm
Wear Layer – 4mm
Width – 180mm
Length – 2400mm

Staki Smoked Rustic Plank 180x15mm