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One-component elastic adhesive, made with silanic resin solventless and consistent spreadable paste, specific for the bonding of wood flooring.


Universal elastic adhesive very strong and odor-free, without symbols of risk-highyield (+30 / 40%) easy spreadability and easy to clean suggested over underfloor heating systems and biohousebuilding sound proofing.


  • The elastic bonding ensures the compensation of possible movements of glued parts, without breackings tipical for stiff adhesives.
  • Good adhesion to substrates also not perfectly seasoned.
  • One-component product , ready for use, the pre-mixing is not necessary.
  • Odourless and solventless.for the respect of environment and applicator
  • Improves the thermoacoustic insulation between the substrate and coating bonded.
  • Excellent adhesion, even after a few hours, on many substrates such as: cement,brick , stone, wood, ceramics
  • Can be used with most sizes of wood floorings available on the market.

    Kg.15 bag of aluminum contained in a plastic bucket. This product covers approx. 12 sq.m. STORAGE

    In the original packings tightly closed and stored under normal conditions 12 months. Safety instructions for the preparation and implementation

BT11 Bond one-component elastic adhesive 15KG

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